Know About Betta Fish

A short introduction to Betta Fish

The betta fish is a colorful, freshwater aquarium fish which has a ray-finned tail that makes it appealing to everyone. This fish is commonly known as Siamese fighting fish and was first discovered in Southeast Asia. The presence of labyrinth in betta fish helps them to breathe atmospheric air which allows them to live in water condition with low oxygen. There are currently more than 70 recognized species in this genus. These species of Betta fishes are the most popular home aquarium pets. The ideal Betta Fish water temperature they live in is 78 degree to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There are varieties of these fishes which are different from other species with the shape and the colors that makes them look stunning. Thier tails can be found in endless styles which include crown, Halfmoon, Fullmoon, rose, round, veil, spade etc. Explore the beauty of betta here.

Betta Fish

Betta Fish

How Aggressive is betta Fish?

These kind of fishes are very aggressive and territorial. It seems like a female is not quite as violent as the male but a betta of any sex fights any other of its species without feeling any hesitation. Sometimes it even flares its fins with aggression when they see their own reflection. Fight don’t usually cause them to death, but they fight each other making serious injuries.

betta fish fighting

betta fish fighting

What is betta Fish feed?

Betta is also known as Siamese fighting fish which are carnivores and these pets usually eat dried bloodworms found in pet stores. In nature, these species are fed with bloodworms, flies etc

How intelligent are betta fish?

Bettas are also called intelligent fish. They can be trained to recognize their owners. Some trainer has successfully trained their bettas to do some simple tricks. Some of the simple tricks performed by these fishes are: Following fingers around the tank, swimming through rings, pushing a ball into the post etc.

Betta Fish Training

Betta Fish Training

Types of betta fish by its tail

Betta fish have captured most of the people’s attention with its flaring tail and wonderful colors. They are one of the most popular aquarium or freshwater fish because of their stunning colors and the shape of their tails. There are lots of types and patterns of betta species. If you are like me who have a strong passion, keeping aquarium fish, you would have probably kept betta fish in your tank. I don’t think we can actually list all the types of betta fish discovered, but I will try to write as many of them as I can.

Plakat Betta: Plakat betta is a similar kind of betta fish having a comparatively shorter tail than its other species. These kinds are relatively more active than bettas having a long tail. These types of bettas can be found having rounded body with spiky appearance. This beautiful plakat betta can be found in various colors and appearance.

Plakat Betta

Plakat Betta

Feather Tail Betta: Feather tail betta is similar to Rosetail betta fishes. The only difference that makes them apart from each other is the tail that tends to have an appearance of ruffles. These fish have some of the common colors like solid red and marble patterns in the betta’s genus.

feather tail

Feather tail

Crown Tail Betta: The crown tail betta has its name from the shape of their tails which has a crown-like appearance. They are very popular and unique species having spectacular looks. There are three types of Crowntails namely the single ray, double ray, and the crossed ray. The crossed ray bettas are the most beautiful type, but it often needs care time to time and the water needs to be clean every time. They need a useful diet in order to keep their tail in shape. They are aggressive in nature and prone to disease.


Crown tail

Halfmoon betta: Halfmoon betta are also popular with their tail that spreads 180 degrees, it has a stunning color. They obtained their name from their tail which is in D shape. Just as the crown tail betta, The Halfmoon betta also needs to be kept alone in a freshwater tank which often needs to be clean every time.



The Double tail Betta: We can know by its name that this kind of betta has two separate tails due to a genetic mutation. Due to its shorter body than other tail types, they prone to have swim bladder disease. Not many babies survive, so you will not find these kinds of bettas in aquarium shops very often.


Double tail

Due to the long tail of betta fish, It becomes difficult for them to swim in the flow of water. So, Betta fish requires filters which produce less water current inside their tank. The stress caused by the current of water to these fish can prone to diseases and may lead to death.

There are other more kinds of betta which you can find on my friend’s blog. You can visit the blog and grab more information on the tail as well as color types in different betta fish.


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