What is the ideal Betta Fish Water Temperature.

Betta Fish Water Temperature

The ideal water temperature to keep your betta fish fit and healthy is 78 degree to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 25.5 degrees to 26.5 degree Celsius. Although betta fish can accept a wide range of water temperature, never put your betta tank temperature below to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. So, to keep your water temperature in a stable range as mentioned above. You will need to have a thermometer and a heater set into your fish tank. Keeping your betta fish water temperature below 69 Degree Fahrenheit will hamper your betta’s immune system, making them prone to many other diseases. Many betta fish experts suggest that even putting your betta fish in higher temperatures will lead them to age fast.

Many people see their betta fish not moving or staying at the top or the bottom of the tank. This is because of the unideal temperature, Bettas are much more active in clean water with a warm temperature. To maintain betta fish water temperature you can use one of the automatic heater listed below:
1.  Aqueon 50W Pro Heater 

Aqueon 50W pro heater

Aqueon 50W pro heater

This heater includes two clip-on suction cups that can be mount anywhere on the body, and being submersible it can be placed anywhere in the tank that has decent flow, You can adjust the amount of heat produced by the heater inside your aquarium and when on, the heater doesn’t get so hot you can’t touch it, so there isn’t much of an issue with fish or decorations getting burned by it, but it does provide less intense heat and is a little longer than a glass heater of the same wattage, so if in doubt, get the next size up heater. You could easily mount this in a sump or overflow given it’s big enough with enough water volume and flow to keep the temp stable and heater fully submerged.

2.  Aqueon 50W Submersible Aquarium Heater

Aqueon 50W Submersible Aquarium Heater

Aqueon 50W Submersible Aquarium Heater

It is possible to use this for a 250 gallon I have a 120 and use this 300 watt well below what’s recommended for my tank size it keeps it very warm and it is durable, I have betta in my tank you can only imagine try contacting a pet smart and see what they think you may have to purchase 2 but its still great at the price amazon has it versus pet supply stores there normally $50-60 bucks at pet for just one.

What effects will have on Betta fish when changing water: Betta Fish are very responsive to change in temperature of water. Quick change to the water temperature of the betta fish tank can stress them losing their immune system, leading them to prone water-borne disease. The closer you keep your temperature maintained to 72° to 86° Fahrenheit (22.22° – 30° Celsius) the more your fish will be happy and active.
Make sure whenever you do a water change to your betta fish’s tank, you do it gradually maintaining a stable temperature.

Beside Ideal water temperature, Betta Fish also need clean and clear water for longer and healthier life. Betta Fish seems to be very active and they swim properly in a tank with ideal temperature and clean water. Make sure your Betta Fish Water Temperature be 72° to 86° Fahrenheit (22.22° – 30° Celsius) and use proper filtration system in your tank. Filters for betta fish are an important part when keeping your fish happy.


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